RADGUARD Radiator Guards


Nothing ruins your ride quite like a hole in your radiator, they are often very expencive to replace and can also cause major engine damage through overheating.  There is also the risk of coolant finding its way to the rear tyre causing lose of traction which can result in disaster.

Radguard Radiator Guards offer excellent protection, Aircraft grade 6060 T1 –T5 aluminium is used to manufacture Expanded Mesh & Frames.
The rigid frame of the Rad Guard holds the expanded mesh in place so that hard hits by stones and any other road debris will save your core from certain damage. This rigid frame also acts as a brace to prevent the radiator core from being squashed if a side impact occurs. For example, the bike falls off the stand.
The Expanded Mesh has proven to be the perfect choice of material. It is lightweight and very strong. It does NOT restrict air flow.

All Rad Guards come with a 3 Year Transferable Warranty.

Protect your radiator and order your Rad Guard today.